Dark of the Moon

Stage@Leeds’ production of “Dark of the Moon” is set in a small isolated community in the Smoky Mountains where religion and superstition intertwine, folk music, dance and dark humour are combined to tell the tale of witch boy John and his love for the beautiful Barbara Allen. Toby combined the elements of the bluegrass score with more mysterious sounds to create his ethereal theme for the witches in the play.


Euroversity Challenge

Toby was commissioned to compose a theme tune to “Euroversity Challenge”, a new show, presented by Dave, described as ‘a mash up of the Eurovision Song Contest and University Challenge’. A top team of international comedians battle it out for the title of ‘Cleverest Nation in Europe’. Toby combined the classical chamber music sound of University Challenge with an Eastern European Folk theme, representing Eurovision, too achieve the musical “mashup”.